Let the Way of the Heart!


August 27 & 28, 2022

At Jackson’s Point / Lake Simcoe
(1 hr North of Toronto)

The Head thinks…The Heart knows.

Learning to Lead Our Life

Through Our Heart

In the rut & rush of life, we have forgotten the voice of our own heart. A big part of our life goes after the things for which we have no choice like paying a mortgage and naturally less time is spend doing the things we love. And it creates a “I am trapped in this circle of life” feeling and unable to find time to do what I really like.

In this retreat, we will learn ways to cleanse the mind and to invoke the voice of our heart. From active meditations that will help clean the unconscious mind to sunrise yoga near the docks, and meditations based on dance, prayer & compassion, we will make our way from the head to the heart to our being (our center). You will clearly experience that when you tune in to your heart, those moments become immensely joyous and a beautiful harmony is created within. Anything that comes out of this space within makes our life more happy, harmonious and fulfilling…something which everyone aspires for.

Whether you are a regular meditator or one who has never done meditations before, this retreat has something to offer to all through a powerful sangha energy.  Come, join, experience it yourself :)- !

“Without experiencing our inner reality, life is an opportunity missed.” ~ Prem Abhishek

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