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Welcome to Holistic Living with Prem

Namaste friend,

We introduced holistic living into our live & our live took a 180 degree turn. That is why we are here to introduce holistic living to you too. So what is holistic living and why is it relevant in our lives at this time? Today our minds (not life) are busy and stress has become an inevitable part of our life. So much so that it ‘s hard to relax even when we are not doing anything. This makes one think – are humans designed to be stressful or have we manufactured stress ourselves? The answer lies in going back to our childhood when all of us were so full of life & happy. Growing up using our mental faculty excessively has taken life out of us bit by bit. We are habituated into thinking & planning life more than actually living it as it comes. This constant excessive use of the mind has created confusion, negativity, anxiety & stress in our life.

Also our food habits and marketing gimmicks of the food industry have contributed to a variety of discomforts and diseases from sinus headaches to heart attacks. Further, we mostly live indoors and hardly spend time in nature and give our body a good sun & air bath which is vital to keeping our body fit. All this contributes to a poor state of body-mind and therefore a poor quality of life. No matter how much we achieve, if our mind isn’t relaxed & body unfit, nothing is enough to makes us happy. It’s like no matter how much you upgrade a car’s accessories, unless you upgrade the engine, its not going to perform better. In this case, our body-mind is our engine. So the question is do you want to enhance your engine? Do you want to enhance the quality of your life & live ecstatically or stress-fully? If you want to live ecstatically, you need to work on your body-mind. Holistic lifestyle is what you need.

Holistic Living refers to a lifestyle to create a stress free mind and a disease free and healthy-vibrant body. With the right food, yoga and mindfulness practices, every individual can create a silent mind & healthy-vibrant body. When the body-mind work in harmony, one attains to a very blissful experience of life. Having lived and seen the benefits of a holistic lifestyle, we would like to share this with you so you can also reap the benefits of it. We will share practices to make your life HAPPIER, HEALTHY and FULFILLED. And it is SIMPLE! It just requires a shift in awareness, a reprogramming of our mind. Be sure to like our Facebook page, subscribe to our Youtube channel for future updates and follow us on Instagram.

Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic Lifestyle involves simple lifestyle modifications for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. We will be sharing our life changing experience and holistic journey from our years of experimentation on ourselves. Our Holistic Approach towards life is ~ Meditation + Yoga + Plant-Based Diet. Stay tuned for more information!

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Meet Prem Abhishek & Prem Shraddha

Abhishek has done intense meditation practices for past 10+ years and has been sharing meditations for past 5+ years. Shraddha is a regular meditator, yoga teacher and certified in Plant-Based Nutrition.

Meditating and living a holistic life together has enriched us tremendously. We are blessed to have three masters in our life who have guided us and brought intensity, clarity and relaxation into our life. Our inner meditativeness has inspired us to share the message of love and meditation to ALL who are willing to accept & absorb it.

“Without experiencing our inner reality, life is an opportunity missed.” ~ Prem


“The Osho meditations that Abhishek leads are life changing, this is not just a testament to the genius that is Osho, but also Abhishek’s wisdom and kindness. I’ve never felt so good. Thank you!”

Michael Swatton, Movie Actor

“The meditation techniques you are using very effective. Moreover the divine energy of the group is very amazing 😉When I participate in meditation 🧘‍♀️ I feel so good 😊 My energy level go very high. My husband and friend have also joined and they loved it too”

Saroj Bala

“I was very privileged to join the beautiful meditation day in nature . A life changing experience. Energy, love and gratitude are words that come to mind. Most importantly – to see the community of love and devotion Abhishek and Shraddha have created gives me hope and inspiration. My heartfelt Thank you 💕🙏”

Varsha Patel, London, Ontario

“Loved it Abhishek..thank you so much”

Baishali, Toronto